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Mbps versus MBps


Mbps versus MBps

Mbps versus MBps

Mbps versus MBps KXf0P8M

Megabits Per Second (Mbps) is not the same as Megabytes Per Second (MBps). It takes 8 Megabits to equal 1 Megabyte. You will for the most part observe Mbps when network speed is being referenced, and MBps indicates the amount of file data transferred per second. This might be slightly confusing so let’s take an example.

If you want to download a short video, and the file size is 10 MB (Megabytes). Your internet connection gives you download speeds up to 16 Mbps. First, convert your Mbps into MBps by dividing 16 by 8 which equals 2 MBps. Now divide the file size (10 MB) by your MBps (2) to get the amount of time it will take to download the file. 10 MB / 2 MBps = 5 seconds. It will take approximately 5 seconds to download your 10 MB file with an internet connection of 16 Mbps.

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