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descriptionLong Term Battery Life is decreasing

I have a user who is getting a pop-up every time he logs into his computer from Dell ControlPoint System Manager. The computer is a Dell E6400 laptop; it charges on a port replicator (docking station). I have replaced the docking station, and am still getting the error.

The message is "Your Battery is able to charge normally. However, you may begin to notice reduced operating time because your long-term battery life is decreasing." I am concerned because this laptop is less than 4 months old; I have 30 other laptops of the same make and model that are 6 months old. They haven't started showing this message, but if they start, it could be a headache for me and my department.

descriptionRe: Long Term Battery Life is decreasing


Your battery is faulty, this rarely happens with lithium ion batteries but you can send it back to Dell and they should replace the battery for you.

descriptionRe: Long Term Battery Life is decreasing

my computer is two years old and now I started to get this message. So i figure the battery IS getting old. This fact does not concern me.
My question:
Is there a way to stop the message from poping up everytime I login?

descriptionMy conversation with Dell support about this issue

08:03:27 System
You are now being connected to an agent. Thank you for using Dell Chat
08:03:27 System
Connected with ProSupport Hobey Verbryck
08:03:27 ProSupport Hobey Verbryck
Thank you for contacting Dell Pro-Support Oklahoma City. My name is Hobey, How can I help you today?
08:04:37 Paul Weir
Hey Hobey! We've talked recently. I have a user on a Latitude E5410 who is getting the following message when she logs in:
"Your battery is able to charge normally. However, you may begin got notice reduced operating time because your long-term battery life is decreasing."
08:05:07 ProSupport Hobey Verbryck
We can definitely take a look at that!
08:05:17 ProSupport Hobey Verbryck
How long does the battery stay charged?
08:05:52 ProSupport Hobey Verbryck
Usually you see that message at the rough half-life of the battery, but you never really know since it's not a definitive thing since a batteries life is determined by the number of times it has been charged
08:06:11 Paul Weir
She says a couple hours
08:06:16 Paul Weir
Maybe three hours
08:06:38 Paul Weir
It is usually plugged in
08:07:22 ProSupport Hobey Verbryck
All right
08:07:32 ProSupport Hobey Verbryck
That sounds a little goofy then
08:07:42 ProSupport Hobey Verbryck
Usually you see that message when the battery is older
08:07:47 Paul Weir
You're telling me. Smile...
08:07:47 ProSupport Hobey Verbryck
that battery sounds like it has a long time left
08:08:03 Paul Weir
Why is the message coming up now I wonder
08:09:07 ProSupport Hobey Verbryck
Well, that message is a funny thing anyways. It's designed to let you know that batteries do eventually die, and I can honestly say it is not perfectly predetermined when it pops up. Since the system is about a year old, I would say that if the end user keeps up the same amount of use the battery should be good for 2 more years
08:09:37 Paul Weir
Can we get a new battery just to make sure?
08:10:57 ProSupport Hobey Verbryck
Potentially. Batteries are covered under a 1 year manufacturer warranty as a consumable item. I'd need to get the serial number on the battery to look it up. Technically the system is just over a year old, but as long as the battery isn't much older than the system I might be able to get it approved. But if it's a battery from a different system swapped out it could be much older and too far out to get an exception.
08:11:31 Paul Weir
OK, where is the serial number on the battery?
08:11:53 Paul Weir
Can you write out the steps to find it?
08:12:17 ProSupport Hobey Verbryck
should be on the under side
08:12:22 ProSupport Hobey Verbryck
it's 20 digits
08:12:32 ProSupport Hobey Verbryck
and starts with 2 letters like CN-0...
08:12:37 ProSupport Hobey Verbryck
so you do have the take the battery off
08:13:23 Paul Weir
OK, I will get the user to get this info right now
08:14:32 ProSupport Hobey Verbryck
sure thing
08:14:37 ProSupport Hobey Verbryck
Do you just want to email it to me later?
08:14:52 ProSupport Hobey Verbryck
or are they available now?
08:15:00 Paul Weir
She is available now
08:16:28 Paul Weir
She is looking now
08:17:11 Paul Weir
08:17:43 Paul Weir
Is that it?
08:18:17 ProSupport Hobey Verbryck
that is the right format
08:18:17 ProSupport Hobey Verbryck
Let me dig it up
08:20:17 ProSupport Hobey Verbryck
It does show a little older than 1 year, but I talked to my manager and he says we can replace it as a one time deal. Would you want to get it replaced?
08:21:18 Paul Weir
Yeah! Thanks!
08:21:27 ProSupport Hobey Verbryck
08:22:42 Paul Weir
1233 Janesville Ave
08:22:46 Paul Weir
Fort Atkinson, WI 53538
08:22:56 Paul Weir
The company is Cygnus Business Media
08:23:00 Paul Weir
care of Paul Weir
08:23:42 ProSupport Hobey Verbryck
Give me 3-5 to finish it up for you. =)
08:23:50 Paul Weir
Thank, Hobey! You are the man.
08:27:37 ProSupport Hobey Verbryck
Service Request is 842294934
08:27:42 ProSupport Hobey Verbryck
I am sending you an email with my contact information in case you have any additional issues. Don't hesitate to contact me if you need anything!
08:27:42 ProSupport Hobey Verbryck
Were there any other systems having issues or anything we could've done better for you today?
08:28:03 Paul Weir
Is there a way to disable this warning for the time being?
08:28:22 ProSupport Hobey Verbryck
It will pop up a couple of times and will go away
08:28:30 Paul Weir
OK, thaks.
08:28:37 ProSupport Hobey Verbryck
Thank you for choosing Dell. I hope you have a great day! You may close this chat at your convenience.
08:34:14 System
The session has ended!

descriptionRe: Long Term Battery Life is decreasing

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