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How to change start button


How to change start button

Hi now i'll show you how to change the regular start button.
1st. You need ResHacker
Now lets start:
1-Open ResHacker
2-File>Open (Find explorer.exe (C:\windows\explorer.exe))
3-Then double click on "String Table"
4-Double click on "37"
5-Then on 1033

6-Find "start" and rename it in what ever you want

7-Click on "Compile Script" button

8-File>Save As... Create new folder in c:\windows called "mod" and save it as explorer.exe

9-Close ResHacker
10-Go to start>run>regedit
11-Open:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Microsoft > Windows NT > Winlogon
12-Find and duoble click on Shell

13-Then just add mod\ and click ok

14-Restart the computer and enjoj your new start name Play the game

Download ResHacker:


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Agent Cosmic
Thanks for this tutorial. Do you know how to change the picture?
great tutorial. Thank You!
Agent Cosmic wrote:
Thanks for this tutorial. Do you know how to change the picture?

Yes, you open res hacker> open explorer.exe> find "bitmap" > find "143" click on 1033 and there it is. Now just click on action>save [bitmap : 143 : 1033]... Then edit it in paint (must be edited in paint). When you edited it go to action>replace bitmap...
P.S. Notice the black background. Black is transparent.
Thx for providing this tutorial... Smile...
Wow! i didn't know this was possible...nyahahahaha..tried it already^^

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This is awesome!
I really didn't know it was possible.
Thanks Sandman!
Then edit it in paint (must be edited in paint)

Hi Sandman,

Just wanted to say what a great tutorial. Just about all the start button tutorials I've ever seen instruct the user to rename the explorer.exe file before saving it. But as I'm sure you probably already know, this provokes an issue with the start menu search function.

For this reason I have always saved my explorer.exe file in the inf folder. But creating the new "mod" folder is a great idea. Thats how I'll do mine from now on.

I will say though, that the bitmap does not have to be edited in Paint. I always do mine in Photoshop. People do have issues with transparency though.

Thankyou for the tut...I've learned something new today. :-)
Great tutorial, worked fine first time!

Cheers for that mate Honored
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