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Windows XP Secret Song


Windows XP Secret Song

First, you have to install Windows XP xD

Go to My Computer --> C: --> WINDOWS --> system32
Now try to find folder name "oobe"
Double-click to open folder name "images"

Find a Music file, name "title"
Double click on it and be amazed ! xD

Nice Smile...
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nice song.. soft...
Nice find.
Nice find
yaa really nice music ..i've liked it..thanks for your wonderfull find Thank You!
nice song....
thats the song that plays while your setting up your initial settings after you've done a complete format on your computer.
Ok, now heres somthing that you guys probably never noticed.
See, I find myself installing XP all the time on different machines. If theres anything that I noticed, it was...
When XP has fully installed, and is on the screen "Setting up your computer" (The screen that has you set up your user accounts, ect...), that song is the song playing.

Now you guys know why that song is there. It is used in the initial setup! Awesome (sparkly)
cool! Nice find
Sick song I've never knew it was here so long ago.
too sad that i dont have XP...i've Vista..

*thinking upon my evil plans*

is anything gonna happen if we replace the "title"song with any of our favourite sone,and name it as "title" ?

plz,i want any XP user trying it :victory:
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