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What is Domain Name (DNS)


What is Domain Name (DNS)

What is Domain Name (DNS)

What is Domain Name  (DNS) EHEW2yO

If everything was addressed by their IP address, life would be challenging. A DNS server is the device that translates the you type in your browser to the IP address that it really is.

In a home network, your router acts as a DNS server, translating hostnames to IP addresses. If you need to access another device on your network, your router has a database of everyone that is on the network and will translate a computer’s hostname to an IP. If you need to access a device on the internet, your router will forward the request to another DNS server on the internet and send the reply to the device that requested it.

While many DNS servers are operated by ISPs and intended to be used only by their customers, several public-access ones are also available.

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