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Cannot run FRST


descriptionSolvedRe: Cannot run FRST

Please describe slow to me. Is it slow all the time or just when you're doing certain tasks? Is it slow to boot?

descriptionSolvedRe: Cannot run FRST


it boots okay but takes a long time to get from login to responding to a click. 

When I double click on a shortcut it takes a while for the program to load
and sometimes the program does not load.

When I  copy/paste a lot of data it starts okay but the speed drops
over time to where nothing is copied and the process does not finish 
and the computer  does not respond to a mouse click.

Internet pages seem to load okay.



descriptionSolvedRe: Cannot run FRST

Hello there, I would like to pop in for a moment with a couple of solutions to try based on the symptoms/signs:

Disable Superfetch

  1. Hold the Windows Key, while pressing “R” to bring up the Run dialog box.
  2. Type “services.msc“, then press “Enter“.
  3. The Services window displays. Find “Superfetch” in the list.
  4. Right-click “Superfetch“, then select “Properties“.
  5. Select the “Stop” button if you wish to stop the service. In the “Startup type” dropdown menu, choose “Disabled“.
  6. Then find "Windows Search" in the same Services list, and do the same thing please.

Restart your computer and let me know if the apps improve. Smile...

descriptionSolvedRe: Cannot run FRST

Hi Superdave and Dr Jay

turning off those two services helped a bit, I think things are okay now 
except that it still takes a while for the PC to react after login but if
I wait a while, about five minutes it is okay.

The only startup items I have are related to my AV, PCMatic.

I'm okay now if you're okay.

Thanks for your help.



descriptionSolvedRe: Cannot run FRST

You're welcome. We will close this topic as solved; however, if you really think there may be something else in the next week or two, start a new topic. Oh and also, I do the same thing, I will wait about 5 minutes at startup of computer, mainly because I know that most of the Windows Services are delayed start, so they take a few minutes to finally startup. It is a bit annoying; however, it's been my rule of thumb to wait for a few minutes before I try using my computer. There are so many complex things to load these days. I remember Windows 98 or XP loading in half the time, but they did not have 1/10 of the features we see today, so 5 minutes definitely is not bad! Smile...
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