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What is Biometrics


What is Biometrics

What is Biometrics
What is Biometrics IdM4d9L

Biometric devices can provide a higher level of authentication than, for example, a username/password combination. However, although they can be used for mutual authentication plans and tend to be relatively secure, they are not impervious to attack. For instance, in the case of fingerprint usage for biometric identification, the device must be able to interpret the actual presence of the print. Early devices that employed optical scans of fingerprints were fooled by fogging of the device lenses, which provided a raised impression of the previous user’s print as it highlighted the oils left by a human finger. Some devices are also subject to silicon impressions or fingerprinting powders that raise the image. Current devices may require a temperature or pulse sense as well as the fingerprint to verify the presence of the user, or another sensor that is used in conjunction with the print scanner, such as a scale. Biometrics used in conjunction with smart cards or other authentication methods lead to the highest level of security.

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