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How to Search Windows Registry For An Entry


How to Search Windows Registry For An Entry

How to Search Windows Registry For An Entry

In Windows 10 Creators Update, if you have the path to a key in the Windows Registry, you can simply paste it in the address bar at the top, and tap Enter. The registry will jump straight to the address you’ve entered. It’s much easier than manually going to the location. Registry path to a key can also be searched by the Windows Registry built-in search feature.

How to Search Windows Registry?

1. Press Windows + R keys to open Run dialog box.

2. Type Regedit into Run dialog box and click OK button to open Registry Editor.

3. Once the registry has opened simply click once on the word Computer to make it blue.

4. To search the Windows Registry, press CTRL + F keys on your keyboard.

6. A Find box will appear. Type in what you want to find.

The Find dialog box lets you narrow your search to a key, a value, or data. You can match the entire string, or just a part of it.

If it finds the key or value or data that you entered, it will automatically jump to the location and highlight it for you. A key or  value may occur more than once within the registry. You can move to the next key or value that matches your search by tapping the F3 key. You won’t have to enter your search words again. It will remember the previous search criteria and continue the search.

To search within a key, right-click it and select Find from the context menu. Enter what you want to search for, limit the search to a key, value, or data, and restrict it to an exact string match, and tap Enter. The key/value/data the Windows Registry finds through this method will restrict it to the key you right-clicked on.

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