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How to Uninstall Add-on of Store Apps in Windows 10


How to Uninstall Add-on of Store Apps in Windows 10

How to Uninstall Add-on of Store Apps in Windows 10
You can straightforwardly Uninstall Add-on of Microsoft Store Apps in Windows 10. These are the extensions that give you extra capacities to use in the applications. Store offers you different applications with additional add-ons which are fairly too simple to install. Be that as it may, at times, new users end up in an extreme circumstance to evacuate it on the grounds that the uninstall alternative isn't accessible in Control Panel or Apps and features section. So, you need to head to the advanced options of the app to do away with the add-ons.

Here's How:

1. Press Windows + I keys to open Settings app.

2. Among various categories, click on the Apps.

3. On the left pane of the following page, by default, the Apps & features is selected. On the adjacent right side, you see the list of installed programs. To see the Add-ons, you need to first select that specific Universal app, for instance – Photos app.

The Add-on for the “Photos” app is known as Photos.DLC.Main where DLC represents downloadable content.

4. Click on the Advanced option located under the name of the app.

5. At the App add-ons and downloadable content section that appears at the bottom of the next page. Here, you can notice the installed add-on of the app.

6. Select that respective add-on and hit the Uninstall button.

7. A confirmation pop-up comes into the PC screen. Here, again click the Uninstall button in order to continue.

Therefore the add-on for a specific store app will be deactivated and there will be a message “There are no add-ons currently installed for this app message”. It confirms that the add-on for that specific app no more exists on the computer.

Windows 10 Universal apps support Add-ons which eventually enhance the productivity of the programs. However, if you find these add-ons incompatible, you can Uninstall add-on of Store Apps easily by following the above sequence of steps.

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