How to Tell If a Link is Spoofed Without Clicking It
Many antivirus solutions currently can monitor suspicious links and help block against issues. However, there are still he chances of protection issues should you be able to click anyway. Sometimes, antivirus software is not able to detect suspicious links.

Common handles for suspicious links (social engineering)
  • Funny videos
  • Shocking videos
  • Shocking news stories
  • 'Awesome' deals

Tips to tell the difference between a legitimate links versus illegitimate link

Hovering over a link can tell you quite a story without having to click on it.

If you hover over a link before clicking on it, you can see where it leads in the lower corner of your browser window.

Hover over each of these links to see how a link can be masked:
Click here for free money

As you can see, they will lead to (our site), but you thought they were going to lead to the site/issue as described.

Additionally, it is good to use a browser plugin that will assist you in checking websites before going to them, or will alert you that a website is bad.

Norton SafeWeb:

What about shortened links?

Use Sucuri shortened link checking service:

By using these services, you should be able to detect link issues easily.

However, if this is too complicated, feel free to buy antivirus/anti-malware software that can automatically scan and block all kinds of links and protect your computer without hassle.