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descriptionFile Server-Windows Server

So, not sure if i have the right Forum or not. However, I will give it a shot. Smile...

So, with many school networks and corporate networks, you have multiple servers, including a file server or Active Directory. Now, my school, for example, when you log into ANY computer on the school's network, and then click on "My Computer", you will see your very own storage drive (usually S:\) that is on the server. This is where you can store your files and access them from any computer on the network. Its dedicated 200GB to each student. The title of the drive is as follows: "S:\John.Smith" Each student has their own and no user can access another user's drive space.

So, with that out of the way, here is my question. How do I set that up? How can I create dedicated drive space to each network user so that when they log on, no matter what computer they log into, their drive space on the server is already mapped to them and ready for them to access?

I already have a file server established, however, it is not doing what I want it to. Do I have to do this through Active Directory?

Thanks, C

descriptionRe: File Server-Windows Server

That's a question that should be asked at the school.
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