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Change The Control Panel to Classic View in Windows 7


Change The Control Panel to Classic View in Windows 7

This tutorial will show you how to change the default Control Panel view to the All Item Classic View in Windows 7.

Click Start >> Click Control Panel.

To open the Control Panel Classic View, select the View by option at the top right of the Control Panel. Set it to Large icons or Small icons.

To Return to the default Control Panel view, simply set it back to Category under the View by option.

Re-opening the Control Panel will also bring it back to the All Items View

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Very helpful. Thank you
Thanks A lot! It really help me! Hooray!
Wow, this is really helpful. Thanks a lot!
When I go to my control panel there is no view tab or anything else. I'm in category view and want to change to classic view.
duchess just check the small icon box under the category view.
This is not the classic view,just similar to it.Is there any solution to modify registry,or make any changes somewhere else in the system to get back the "real classic view" we had in Vista?
Wow, USELESS, what a waste of your own time and ours. Please delete your post and refrain from posting tutorials until you are no longer completely retarded. Thanks.
Did not help at all... Sad tearing
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