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descriptionAntivirus System Pro

Sorry to start another thread on Antivirus System Pro, but I seem to be really stuck as it has completely taken over my PC. At this point, I cannot launch a browser or any executable file, so I'm at a point where I can't even get things to the PC in an attempt to repair. Here is what I have tried:

1. Installed malwarebytes anti-virus, but cannot launch as the .exe is blocked.
2. Installed (using the commy.exe instructions), but cannot launch as the .exe is blocked. This includes trying to run from the command line.

(Both the above were done by downloading the files on another PC and e-mailing them to the infected PC -- this was before the e-mail client became unusuable since I can no longer launch it).

3. Tried to boot in Safe Mode but get Windows "blue screen"
4. Tried to use Windows Restore, but mesage indicates that "Windows Restore has been disabled, please contact Administrator."
5. I have an updated version of Zone Alarm running and have done full scan, but it does not find or remove the problem.

I'm not sure where to go next since I can't figure out how I can get anything on or off the PC. I still have an internet connection (Yahoo IM works, for instance), but the virus seems to be blocking anything I try to do on the PC.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


descriptionRe: Antivirus System Pro

Please run Trend Micro Housecall online scan.

  • Click Scan now.
  • Read and put a Check next to Yes I accept the terms of use.
  • Click the Launching HouseCall>> button.
  • If confirmed that HouseCall can run on your system, under Using Java-based HouseCall kernel click the Starting HouseCall>> button.
  • You may receive a Security Warning about the TrendMicro Java applet, click YES.
  • Under Scan complete computer for malware, grayware, and vulnerabilities click the Next>> button.
  • Please be patient while it installs, updates, and scans your system.
  • Once the scan is complete, it will take you to the summary page.
  • Under Cleanup options, choose clean all detected infections automatically.
  • Click the Clean now>> button.
  • If anything was found you may be prompted to run the scan again, you can just close the browser window.

descriptionRe: Antivirus System Pro

Thanks, I will try this. One problemn I have is that I seem unable to launch a browser window with this virus, or if I can launch a browswer window, it re-directs any website I type in the address bar of IE to an error screen. Any suggestions if this happenes? I can try to load the HouseCall app to an uninfected machine and move over via USB, but the infected PC seems to block any .exe from opening.

descriptionRe: Antivirus System Pro

Your computer is infected with a dangerous infection:

We have hit a dead end. Please tell me when you have completed a reformat and reinstall.

descriptionRe: Antivirus System Pro

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