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descriptionSolvedEntry Point Error Message

Hi, I hope you can help me with a problem of not being able to open and use the AOL Browser. I have uninstalled and installed several times, downloaded a fresh copy of a .dll file, MSVCP71.dll, and recently purchased a registry cleaner with the hope that cleaning up my registry would solve the problem. My problem is when I attempt to open AOL I ge an error message stating: "WAOL.exe-Entry Point Not Found. The procedure entry point ?_Init@strstreambuf@std@@IAEXHPADOH@Z could not be located in dynamic link library MSVCP71.dll"

I am using a Dell laptop, with XP Pro operating system. Dell, Microsoft and AOL all suggest the problem is not theirs and some have said they think I have a problem with the registry. The problem seem to be limited to AOL as all other software opens and works.

I hope you can help resolve my problem and thank you,


descriptionSolvedRe: Entry Point Error Message

I solved my problem. Actually, another of your posts about someone having a problem opening Football software gave me a clue. While I had previously downloaded a current copy of a MSVCP.71dll file, I did not know where the file needed to be stored. In reading the other message, it was suggested that the .dll file be copied to C:\Windows\system32. I did copy the fresh version to this location. It was also suggested that I do a registration function, which did not work. Nevertheless, with the new .dll file in the C:\Windows\system 32 folder, I am now able to use AOL and no longer getting the entry point error message.

Thank you for allowing me to get my problem fixed by using information from your website. I hope you continue to build your successful website and I will suggest others to access and use this website for useful help.

Thanks again, Don
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