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descriptionGoogle "automated queries" message

I am a novice and need help.

I tried to use Google in Internet Explorer to search for info on "Philco 025 output meter" and got the following warning:
Google Sorry...
We're sorry...
... but your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can't process your request right now.

Some history... I just got rid of "Windows protection suite" and my McAfee says I am "Protected."

I can access web pages but cannot search using Google.

What is an "automated query" and how do I fix this issue?

Many thanks,
Tony Di Fede

descriptionRe: Google "automated queries" message

i have never heard of this before, but after a little research heres what i found:

This message appears when Google detects automated queries from an IP address, which causes a quick traffic spike on Google explains some possible ways to fix the issue, remove the IP address ban and restore Google search results as usual.

When a computer in the network runs automated queries, it violates Google Terms of Service. This includes using any software that sends queries to Google to determine how a website or webpage ranks on Google for various queries, ‘Meta-searching’ Google or performing ‘offline’ searches on Google.

Remove Google Search We’re Sorry Errors

Step 1 - Try the first and easiest way of deleting cookies from your browser.

If you use Firefox -� Go to Tools > Private Data > Check Cookies > Clear Private Data Now

Step 2 - If that does not fix the issue, then download any popular anti-malware software like MalwareBytes , or Spybot Search and Destroy, MacScan (for Mac), and run a full system scan to find and remove spyware and malware which could be triggering those automated queries to Google.

Step 3 – If you tested and your computer and network are secure, but you continue to get the Google errors, then send feedback to Google and they will investigate your report and fix the issue.


If they can't track your every move, you can't use their search engine. If you use a vpn, you will get a message saying that your computer is sending out automated queries and it will block you from searching. They are trying to make people log into Google before they can even log into myspace. Before you know it, you won't be able to view much of anything online without either having to sign into Facebook or Google first, this way they can track your every move and link it to your identity through your IP address. It's just one more step they're taking to get in the way of personal privacy. And, in the not so distant future, they will probably sell every personal inquiry you ever made online to a vendor who will then sell it to the public.
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