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NOTICE: The following instructions are for PC users. If you are a user of MAC, iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.), or Android devices, please post a new topic, and tell us about your problem, what device you are on, and what operating system/version it is.


Please download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and save it to your Desktop.

Note: You need to run the version compatible with your system. If you are not sure which version applies to your system download both of them and try to run them. Only one of them will run on your system, that will be the right version.

  • Right click to run as administrator (XP users click run after receipt of Windows Security Warning - Open File). When the tool opens click Yes to disclaimer.
  • Press Scan button.
  • It will produce a log called FRST.txt in the same directory the tool is run from.
  • Please copy and paste log back here.
  • The first time the tool is run it generates another log (Addition.txt - also located in the same directory as FRST.exe/FRST64.exe). Please also paste that along with the FRST.txt into your reply.

To create a New Topic, hit the New Topic at the top or bottom of this post, or press this button: OPEN A NEW TOPIC. Explain your issues, post the logs, and wait for an expert.

Please be patient while waiting for help. We try to respond to your posts within 24 hours.


  • Some log files may be long and require over 2 posts to be completely posted, please make sure you do not miss out any part of the logs.
  • You will receive an email when you a reply has been made to your post. If you have lost track of your post, click the View My Posts link on the GeekPolice main page. READ THIS BEFORE POSTING Viewpo10 or click here.
  • All instructions provided in this forum are specially written for a specific computer, and you should never follow them unless otherwise stated.
  • Those qualified to help you are Administrators, Captains, and Tech Officers. Anyone else should be ignored.

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descriptionImportantDO NOT post more than one topic!!

Please make sure that you only start one (1) topic, and include as many replies as possible to that same topic, as needed. HOWEVER, DO NOT post more than one new topic at a time!

Thank You!

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Malware Removal Forum Rules

- Our help is free, but we ask you do not use us to make a profit for yourself or we will refuse to help you in the future. Doing so is in violation of our Terms of Service .
- We ask that all P2P programs be uninstalled before getting help, otherwise it's just a big circle and you will get infected again.
- We recommend backing up any data you do not want to lose as malware removal is a dangerous process.
- While we do our best to help, we cannot guarantee we can fix every issue, as sometimes a reformat is needed.
- Questions asked via Private Messages will be redirected to the forums or ignored. Ask in the forums instead.
- Do not post your log at multiple websites/forums. A helper's time is precious, if you do this your topic will be closed.

After your problem has been solved, please tell the helper that the problem has been solved. Also, please take some time to fill up this feedback form so that we could improve our services here .

Please see how else you can help us here .

No reply for two days?

Here on GeekPolice, we always try to answer your questions and get to your problem as fast as we can. You can expect to get a respond or answer from a staff on the very day you post the question.

If your topic has not been replied to within 2 days or 48 hours, we might have missed it out. Reply to your topic saying "bump".

Remember, this only applies to topics after 2 days or 48 hours without a reply or advice. If you bump your topics up before 2 days or 48 hours, it will delay our reply as we start from the oldest post and then work to the newest.

Note that the people who help you are volunteers, so please be patient. We have an overwhelming number of people coming in daily requesting for help.

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