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Career Connected Guide Review + Giveaway

A site full of resources for career-seeking individuals would be the enigmatic storehouse that is Career Connected located at ( What the site is full of a package of materials that many people would find very useful, some people would find extremely useful, and a few people could not do without. What you will find on the site itself on its homepage is the offering of guides and a free course. Please stay tuned below for the free course giveaway information. However, this review is specific to one of their guides, which is on, “Surviving the Recession: Finding Work in a Tough Economy.” This is a sponsored review, as I received a free copy of this.

The guide itself is entirely packed with discovery on what a recession is, how the job market fares during tough times, qualifications and the interviewing process, practical advice especially on addressing your needs, what to do if you gain a job especially investing, dealing with long-term goals, and thriving in hard times.

Many do not count the cost of being jobless, and many do not count the cost of living in the midst of a recession. This guide seeks to provide hope, while providing practical advice. It is not verbose, but actual quite clear and full of brevity. The writing style is easy for most people to read, and therefore, the ideal conditions on reading such a guide are that it would provide encouragement to be a good job seeker, be persistent, and when you do have a job, make the best of it! You don’t want to lose in the job market, so sign up for the guide on their site... but also see below for something FREE!

Career Connected is currently giving away their free course, “Hunting for a Job in a Tough Economy” – which you can find at this location:
Free Course Giveaway
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