Everyday we get feedback on how good our services are. Here some of what members say about GeekPolice. As a matter of fact, 100% of the feedbacks we receive, reflect positive experiences and rated "Very Satisfied".


Simply wonderful service, best Tech Support experience ever! Even better than paid commercial service. I can't believe there is still such service available nowadays. I have nothing more to say except admiration and appreciation. I will definitely let my friends know about GP.

- manfrmars

Please don't ever shut this site down! You guys are much better than geek squad or anything because you are free, helpful, friendly, and it works. There are often times where geek squad hasn't been able to fix a problem where you guys hang in there with us no matter how difficult to serve we are.

- starkee17

You guys have the best service of any anti-virus site on the web. You actually inspired me to try and learn how to help other people get rid of their own virus, spyware, etc.

- sensiiii

Very helpful. Help was provided much faster than I expected and completely resolved the problem. Thanks!

- oldcap

I don't know how you folks do what you do when there are so many idiots like me out there. I will recommend you folks to anyone having issues with, well... anything thanks again.

- Ronekind

You guys are absolutely awesome! You all are very professional and no matter how many questions I ask you guys don't criticize at all and remain at the professional level to help me out. I thank you all very much for all the help. Keep up the good work.

- Itachi21

Well, I'm really satisfied with all the help this forum has given me. So I just want and hope that this forum will continue what it does best. Thanx for all the help!

- charvie

Your service was excellent. The person helping me was knowledgeable and "to the point."

- liam

Responds to my postings were very quickly (often within minutes). I am very computer illiterate, but his directions were easy to follow. You found and fixed my problems. My computer is now up and running again. Thanks GeekPolice!

- sbranfman

All instructions were excellent, easy to follow. Thank you very much!

- kitperry

Very thorough, very helpful - very successfully 'kept it simple, stupid'.

- Jade_Summers218

I'm glad my computer is still well and functioning. I'm more aware about computer now and securing it so I won't have another nasty infection again.

- reborn_alchemist93

Tried looking for help in other sites, received no response. Came here and it took 5 minutes till a staff was on the case. And he didn't back down until he was victorious. Excellent service!

- ronsonol

This is THE greatest help desk of the World! No one can beat it!

- dsapre

You provide better service then a repair shop; extremely quick, direct, and easy to understand. Thank you again!

- mojoliveshere

Definitely a reliable site and you guys deserve some cash from people that had a success of removing the problem.

- brootaldomination101

The service that you provide is so awesome. You all are so helpful and could not be any better. I have had to use you for help twice now, once for desktop and once for laptop. Thank you soooooo much!!!!

- aww1157

I really appreciate the prompt help. And the step by step instructions.


Great forum you have here and very helpful. And the best part is that it's all really free, unlike other sites that claim they are free and then have hidden fees. I will be referring friends to this site. Thanks so much.

- CoolKat45

Everything was great. The service was even cheerful. Couldn't ask for better.

- spacephrawg

I am gald that i was helped by GeekPolice.net! I was breaking my head with this virus until I found this website while Googling with the name of the virus! Im definetly going to tell my friends about this site! Thank you once again! Keep this good work going!

- priya1984

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This is one of the best websites I have ever been to. Very, Very fast replies, and the information was crystal clear. The tech who helped gave very fast and very accurate responses. Thank You!

- Gylander

You saved me!!!! Thanks so much for the quick and thorough responses. As far as I can tell the GeekPolice have solved the virus problems on my computer. THANKS!

- melodyst

I had a whole mess of problems with my computer that got taken care of in less than a day. I got quick and continuous responses and everything was very helpful. Thanks Geekpolice. You guys are doing a great job.

- beeflomein

I can't thank you guys enough for your professional expertise and outstanding service. Your expertise is exceeded only by your patience and resolution. Like the guy on the forum said, you ARE the best.

- reedinthewind

This is a great service! I'm sending info about it out to all my friends and colleagues!

- kk_oop

The quality of service and expertise others simply can't be beat!

- TheWeave

All of my problems were fixed and I got great advice on preventing them from returning. You cannot ask for more.

- Daniellouwrens

Best People and best service ever!

- bhakav

Excellent service and advice from friendly people.

- Bruce Davey

You guys were really quick to respond and resolved the issue faster than I could have imagined. I really appreciate your help and will recommend this website to all my friends. Thanks.

- txstryker

I'm proud to be here... I'll advertise as much as I can. ;)

- A.F.R.A.K

Just when I think everyone or everything on the net is out to take advantage or do harm I run into GeekPolice. Feels good to know that their experts out there are helping out the technologically challenged. Makes me feel a bit safer online. Thanks.

- skeeze95

Your service was great. Great response time, and great results. I am back up and running now. I was concerned when it got through my software. Glad you guys were here to save the day. Once again thanks from the caveman flying a spaceship here.

- Robert Ortega

I cannot speak highly enough of your amazingly generous help to fix the seemingly unfixable problem with my computer,so quickly and using instructions that I could follow easily.I will spread the word. Thank You.

- buska

This site is top notch anad was a life saver for me. many Thanks!

- mike6097

I am so happy and thankful for this site and your services. The tech support provided was nearly instant, precise, and saved me a tremendous amount of time and money. For that, I can't say thanks enough and will make sure to spread the word about this site!

- shamikaj

You guys were so helpful and very easy to work with! Best of all you didn't ask for $$. I called 2 places earlier today and the cheapest fix I found was $140. Thank you so much! You can be certain I will spread the word about you guys for sure!

- wed6767

You guys were amazing. I was at my wits end trying fix my pc. You guys had it fixed within 24 hours. I have already recommended your site to 2 of my friends that were having PC trouble. Thanks again for saving my PC!

- roobert

The service is excellent. At first I was sceptical, probably because I thought " Who would help for nothing, What's the catch". However, my PC is running sweet. If there was something I didn't understand, I asked and received all the help. I would definitely recommend to friends.

- Ade3277

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