May 1, 2009, marks AMD’s 40th anniversary. Formed by Jerry Sanders and seven co-founders in 1969, AMD is a company with a rich and colorful history. In the past 40 years, AMD has transformed from a second-source supplier that worked within the confines of other companies’ designs, to an innovator that has helped drive the market forward and kept competition alive and thriving in one of the most important technology sectors. AMD takes great pride in our role of igniting next-generation technology solutions, as well as our ability to see where customer and end-user needs are headed next and then collaborate with the industry accordingly.

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Timeline of the most significant events in AMD history;



AMD is setup in 1969, by Jerry Sanders and seven co-founders in Sunnyvale, California.


AMD introduces its first proprietary device: the Am2501 logic counter.


Production begins in new AMD Austin manufacturing facility.


AMD is listed in Fortune 500 for the first time.


AMD's Am386 microprocessor family debuts.


AMD Am486 microprocessor family debuts.


AMD introduces AMD-K5 microprocessor, which is a socket-compatible x86 microprocessor.


AMD introduces the AMD-K6 microprocessor.


AMD Athlon is introduced as storms to a lead over Intel’s Pentium III.


AMD break the 1GHz barrier back when clock speed, really, really mattered.


AMD demonstrates world's first x86 dual-core processor.


2005 was clearly a big year for the company. It introduced Turion 64 for notebooks and Athlon 64 X2 dual-cores for desktops. 1-8P x86 processors for servers and workstations also made an appearance.

In the same year, AMD also files antitrust litigation against Intel for abusing its monopoly and it opens Fab 36 in Dresden, Germany.


AMD acquires ATI graphics company and Dell announces it will offer AMD based systems for the first time.


Dirk Meyer succeeds Hector Ruiz as chief executive of AMD.