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descriptionHow Much Data Fits On A Pin?

Researchers invent a technique that could cram 10 trillion bits onto a surface the size of a quarter.For decades, hard-disk makers have been shrinking the electromagnetic media that store data to cram more information into a tinier footprint. Now two nanotechnology researchers may have shown the next step in that ever-smaller evolution: Letting the disks make themselves.Ting Xu, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley and Thomas Russell, a professor at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, have created a technique that could, theoretically, pack a disk the size of a quarter with 10.5 terabits (more than 10 trillion bits) of data, the equivalent of 250 DVDs.The secret to packing that much information on such small real estate--about 15 times denser than the densest data storage device currently in existence--is self-assembly, or tricking the disk's materials into organizing into an array of data-storing dots packed far tighter than what could be accomplished with current techniques. From;

descriptionRe: How Much Data Fits On A Pin?

This is good news for me. My hard disk is so cramped.
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