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Last query for now hopefully!

I was trying to disable autorun for my external drive, but could only find the entry for cd rom and floppy in the registry.

I followed the steps to do the procedure for external/removable media, but the values did not match, apparentley the values should ne 95 0 0 0 for auto run and 91 0 0 0 to turn it off. Is this correct, because when i followed the steps, I was presented with the value 1, as if was a floppy drive. Will my external have a particular name in the registry?

I also noticed the folder under the folder microsoft going into:


was a folder called "microsf" (yes without the t) is this a genuine entry?

The autorun concern is after reading the post on here, I just want to prevent further issues as my system had been infected recently, and my external was connected when I was heavily infected, and something was picked up in the autorun folder, but not sure if it was a FP. All good now though it seems.


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There shouldn't be anymore problems with the external now.
There is a super hidden autorun.inf folder on every drive, now if anymore infected USB sticks are used, your AV might popup saying infection found, but it can't infect you. The dummy autorun.inf cannot be removed without some difficulty, but is for your protection.

descriptionSolvedRe: Autorun/registry


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descriptionSolvedRe: Autorun/registry

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