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Remove Restricted Sites From Internet Explorer 8


Remove Restricted Sites From Internet Explorer 8

This tutorial will show you how to remove Restricted Sites from Windows 7's Internet Explorer 8.

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Open Internet Explorer >> click Tools >> select Internet Options.


Alternatively, you can open Control Panel and Show All Control Panel Items >> Internet Options.

Click on the Security tab >> Click Sites

To remove a restricted site from the list, click the Remove button as shown:

After removing a restricted site >> click Close >> Ok

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Can you teach me how to get onto any website I want at school Smile...
If your school only blocks certain website, I can. But if you school blocks all websites it's not going be easy... It might also get you into trouble.
Well, you see, my school blocks like game websites, but I just want to get onto runescape >.< lol. They don't block all websites so can you teach me Smile...
Can you access any of the proxy sites here:

If you can't this is as far as I can help you.
luls its blocked :O
I have some restricted sites that cannot be removed using this technique. There are more than one user on this computer and I have attempted to remove these sites by the action is denied.
The sites begins with *. follows to be a porn sites. Any suggestions? I would like to remove these as it appears that these 5 sites continue to load the same restricted sites automatically.
Thanks in advance,
You have to be logged on as an administrator to be able to do so.
I thought I had a virus which kept reinserting the same urls in the Restricted Sites for Internet Explorer. As soon as I deleted them, they reappeared. Norton 360 does not detect a problem. I edited the registers, searched for one unique looking web address and deleted all the entries under the Domains entry. This seams to have fixed the problem. Has anyone else had this problem?
Thanks for posting it. This is really helpful. I am learning a lot.
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