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Help, I just changed my password in xp or vista and I cant log on!(GUIDE)


Help, I just changed my password in xp or vista and I cant log on!(GUIDE)

I just did that recently. I was playing with the "net user" command in cmd and never realized that I changed my password.

There is a very easy (and Leagel) way to fix it.

~:What You Will Need:~
1. You windows install dvd.
2. Your brain.

The solution to this problem is very simple. First, let me note that this WILL NOT change default passwords. This will just simply recover from a recent password change.

Ok, first you insert your windows DVD and boot from it.
Now, select "Repair My Computer".
Then select "System Restore"
Now, restore your computer to a point before you had changed your password.

And there you go. You should now be able to log onto your account using your old password.
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Also, Hirens boot disc has password removers for windows account, BIOS and a few others I can't remember off the top of my head. LMBO or ROFL
i had this problem once and had an alternative way to fix it...

1. you boot in safe mode
2. you log onto administrator account (doesnt need a password, usually)
3. go to control panel
4. user accounts
5. remove the password from the account you forgot the password on
6. reboot computer
7. log onto your acount and set a new password
8 write it down somewhere LOL Banner
That safe mode method only works in XP. Doesn't work in Vista/7 any more.
There is a way to simply look at your memory, but I don't know if I should post things like that here, maybe an administrator could approve that. It just involves looking at data in your memory, but this is a method for administrators and forensics. Also, you can use various tools (Linux) to find those passwords on the local machine.

Tip: Firewire has direct access to your memory! Smile...
i use a cd called offline but read the instructions before using.
Lol, is this a future reference type of post? Boy I wish I could see this when I'm locked out of my PC.
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