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Troubleshooting Disk Management Status Codes


Troubleshooting Disk Management Status Codes

Troubleshooting Disk Management Status Codes
This topic contains the possible Disk Management status codes and a description of each code; these are very useful in troubleshooting disk problems.

Status CodeDescription
OnlineIndicates that the disk is accessible and that it is functioning properly. This is the normal disk status.
Online (Errors)Indicates that I/O errors have been detected on the dynamic disk. One possible fix for this error is to right-click the disk and select Reactivate Disk to attempt to return the disk to Online status. This fix will work only if the I/O errors were temporary.
HealthySpecifies that the volume is accessible and functioning properly.
Healthy (At Risk)Indicates that a dynamic volume is currently accessible but I/O errors have been detected on the underlying dynamic disk. This option is usually associated with Online (Errors) for the underlying disk.
Offline or MissingIndicates that the disk is not accessible. This error can occur if the disk is corrupted or the hardware has failed. If the error is not caused by hardware failure or major corruption, you may be able to re-access the disk by using the Reactivate Disk option to return the disk to Online status. If the disk was originally offline and then the status changed to Missing, it indicates that the disk has become corrupted, has been powered down, or was disconnected.
UnreadableIndicates that the disk is inaccessible and might have encountered hardware errors, corruption, or I/O errors or that the system disk configuration database is corrupted.
FailedSpecifies that the volume can’t be started. This error can occur because the disk is damaged or the file system is corrupted.
UnknownOccurs if the boot sector for the volume becomes corrupted. This error can also occur if no disk signature is created for the volume.
IncompleteOccurs when you move some, but not all, of the disks from a multidisk volume. If you do not complete the multivolume set, the data will be inaccessible.
ForeignThe Foreign status occurs when you move a dynamic disk to the local computer from another computer PC. A warning icon appears on disks that display the Foreign status. This error is caused because configuration data is unique to computers where the dynamic disk was created. You can correct this error by right-clicking the disk and selecting the option Import Foreign Disks. Any existing volume information will then be visible and accessible.


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