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How to Fix a Disk Signature Collision Error in Windows


How to Fix a Disk Signature Collision Error in Windows

How to Fix a Disk Signature Collision Error in Windows

A disk signature is a unique, identifying number for a hard disk drive or other data storage device, stored as part of the master boot record. Operating systems use disk signature to identify and distinguish the different data storage devices, and hard disk drive in the computing system for data access.

When you use both disks having identical signatures at the same time, you may run into the Disk Signature Collision problem. In the older Window versions like XP and Vista, the signature collision would often go unnoticed as Windows system would automatically replace the signature of the disk that reports duplicate signatures.

However, in the case of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, Disk Signature Collision is handled differently. When two storage devices have an identical disk signature, the secondary drive that creates disk signature collision will be turned offline, and cannot be mounted for use till the collision is fixed.

You can make use of Windows Disk Management Utility to change the signature.

Open Run dialog box by pressing Windows key + R key and type diskmgmt.msc. Click Ok button to open Disk Management.

Right click on the disk that is marked as Offline or Missing.

Select Online command from the drop-down menu.

On selecting the option Online, Windows will generate a new disk signature.

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