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How to Directly Download Windows 10 Images Without Media Creation Tool


How to Directly Download Windows 10 Images Without Media Creation Tool

How to Directly Download Windows 10 ISO Images Without Media Creation Tool

Media Creation Tool (MCT) can be used to upgrade Windows 10, download Windows 10 ISO locally or create a USB installation drive. MCT is the officially recommended way to get a copy of the latest Windows 10 ISO.

There is another way to download the ISO directly; this post describes how.

If you want to download the Windows 10 ISO a Google search will lead you to which will require you to use the Media Creation Tool to download the ISO.

There is, in fact, an easy way to download the full Windows 10 ISO from that page directly, without the intermediate step of the Media Creation Tool. This is how:

By changing your web browser’s UserAgent (to mimic a mobile or tablet), the Microsoft’s Windows 10 download page can be made to reveal the direct download links for Windows 10 ISO for both x86 and x64 versions.

1. Open Microsoft Edge and visit the following Microsoft link:


2. Press F12 to open Developer Tools window.

3. Select the “Emulation” tab and change the “User agent string” to Apple Safari (iPad)

The current web page will refresh automatically, rendering content for the chosen user agent or device (iPad). If it doesn’t automatically refresh, refresh the page manually. You’ll now see the “Select Edition” drop-down box.

4. Select Windows 10 from the drop-down, and click Confirm. The Windows 10 ISO will include both Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro.

5. Select the product language from the drop-down list, and click Confirm.

6. You’ll see the download button for Windows 10 64-bit as well as Windows 10 32-bit ISO. The download URLs will automatically expire after 24 hrs. Click on the link to download it, or if you want to share the URL with someone, right-click on the link and copy the target URL.

That’s how you download the Windows 10 ISO directly without using the Media Creation Tool.

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