Discover 7 Secrets Why ExpressVPN for Chrome is Top Privacy Extension

Living in the digital age means our privacy is no longer guaranteed with government and corporate tracking everywhere.  The ExpressVPN Chrome Extension allows you to browse without these fears, while also enabling you to circumvent geo-restrictions and even stop WiFi-based hacking!

What do we do about this?

Things have changed in our digital world. We should be using VPN now... But still...

We need browser extensions like ExpressVPN and HTTPS Everywhere—both of which have joined forces in the ExpressVPN Extension for Google Chrome Browser, check it out.

'But Dr Jay, why ExpressVPN... Why not HideMyAss or Private Internet Access?' Those services are *good*, but this is  Simple... The expansive network of available locations makes ExpressVPN better speed and startup of available bandwidth.

Why do I select "them"? Here are 7 secrets proposed of why ExpressVPN outranks other extension providers for privacy in Chrome...

1. We are all in this together fighting security and privacy threats

Why continue with other providers when we can be helped by a company whose sharing knowledge improves our overall security AND privacy all at the same time? ExpressVPN helps in educating the common end user. In addition, they continue to support privacy advocate organizations including the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Internet Defense League, OpenMedia, and some others.

2. Multiple Layers of Privacy Protection and Security in One Product

Why have four products, when one will do? This VPN is including HTTPS Everywhere and VPN connectivity in one easy-to-use package.

Quadruple the protection for less!

3. The Data Doesn't Lie

According to Propeller Insights, nine in 10 Americans worry about online privacy and data security, particularly identity theft (54 percent) and credit card fraud (16 percent).

4. In Niche Markets, ExpressVPN Sounds Easier to Use

...easier. Why?

“With news of privacy violations and data breaches on the rise, it’s clear that online privacy and security have never been more important and that strong encryption is critical. Together, HTTPS Everywhere and ExpressVPN provide users with greater confidence that their internet activity and personal data are encrypted and protected,” said Harold Li, vice president, ExpressVPN.

5. No Logs of Activity or Connections

You can bet this company is not interested in logging by the design of the extension, as it is end-to-end encrypted. Read more about end-to-end encryption for better understanding.

6. It Protects you from Insecure Web Forms Snooping

No need to worry about your browsing history or browsing insecure websites now, as all your data will remain encrypted.

7. All of your browsing traffic is tunneled securely

Move aside TunnelBear... ExpressVPN also prevents hackers or internet service providers from seeing what sites the user is visiting, which HTTPS alone does not conceal. Defeat censorship, and begin your end-to-end encryption journey now.

For what it's worth... How much of your data is really at risk?

How do you choose a VPN provider? We hope it's easier to discover that now, because we believe, like ExpressVPN, there really are others out there trying to help us all remain more private while browsing the internet...

Who leaves the door open to invaders? Those who don't care about any privacy. Yet many will leave their windows open without putting up a screen at least. Filtering solutions (screens) are sometimes not good enough, though... So we have to use a redirection tunnel! Instead of leaving things wide open for all to see and hear, encryption tunnels allow your data (see and hear info) to be fully protected from eavesdropping.

Remember the legacy saying? "The windows have eyes, the walls have ears?"

Never fear anymore when you have the right protection! The ExpressVPN Chrome Extension allows you to browse without fear!