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How Malware Infects PCs


How Malware Infects PCs

How Malware Infects PCs
How Malware Infects PCs F0U9AQd

It is well known that the PCs are attacked the most. Windows PCs in particular, are generally open systems that have many vulnerabilities.

There are several reasons why Windows PCs have become appealing for viruses, these include:

• Maintenance of backwards software compatibility
• Home users with administrative privileges
• Open networking stack
• Volume of user base

The symptoms that result from a virus infection can include any or a combination of the following:

• Computer performs tasks very slowly
• Unexplained disk and network activity
• Files don’t open with the default application
• Custom pop-up messages, or background images, appear

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Dr Jay
Yeah and don't forget email attachments, exploitation, downloading rogue software and apps, and especially clicking on special crafted links and banners/ads.
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