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[INACTIVE] Macbook Pro Problem


descriptionRe: [INACTIVE] Macbook Pro Problem

Okay... please answer this so it helps me help you:
Okay, so step 3:

-Did you have issues before or after you installed any one of the following two apps:

Dr. Cleaner

CleanMyDrive 2

-Are you using a Apple/Mac certified mouse? Is it wired or wireless?

-What is the age of the Mac you are currently using (when did you buy it and how many times has it upgraded the operating system)?

descriptionRe: [INACTIVE] Macbook Pro Problem

[adm]Due to lack of response, this topic is now closed. If you would like it reopened, PM me, a Security Officer, or another administrator. If you have a different computer other than the one above, or if you are someone else, please start a new topic.[/adm]
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