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What is Multi-Factor Authentication


What is Multi-Factor Authentication

What is Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication is the process in which we expand on the traditional requirements that exist in a single factor authentication like a password.To accomplish this, multi-factor authentication will use another item for authentication in addition to or in place of the traditional password.

Following are four possible types of factors that can be used for multi-factor authentication.

  • A password or a PIN can be defined as a something you know factor.

  • A token or Smart Card can be defined as a something you have factor.

  • A thumbprint, retina, hand, or other biometrically identifiable item can be defined as a something you are factor.

  • Voice or handwriting analysis can be used as a something you do factor.

To summarize, multi-factor authentication is more secure than other methods because it adds steps that increase the layers of security. However, this must be balanced against the degree to which it inconveniences the user, since this may lead to improper use of the process.

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