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What is Network Adapter


What is Network Adapter

What is Network Adapter
What is Network Adapter BIuHYOY

A network adapter, also known as a network interface card or NIC, is the device that enables you to send and receive data to and from your computer. This adapter might be integrated into the motherboard or act as a separate device that connects to a PCI slot, or perhaps a USB port.

An adapter can connect to the network by cable (wired) or by air (wireless). It has its own basic CPU to process transmitted data, as well as a ROM chip to store information about itself.

Network adapters also have a software component known as a driver, which defines how the card will interact with the operating system.

You can tell that the card in is active if the Link Status field has a green light.

Full duplex means that the network card can send and receive data simultaneously. Half duplex, means that the network adapter will send and receive data but not at the same time. Full duplex is the superior connection, as long as your central connecting device supports it. Effectively, a full duplex connection can transceive (transmit and receive) twice as much information per second as a half duplex connection.

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