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What is Hybrid Drives


What is Hybrid Drives

What is Hybrid Drives

What is Hybrid Drives ZxnYAjL

A hybrid drive or SSHD is one in which both technologies, solid‐state and traditional mechanical drives, are combined. This is done to take advantage of the speed of solid‐state drives while maintaining the cost effectiveness of mechanical drives.

Hybrid drives, are being manufactured to improve performance for startup and commonly read files. These drives offer near SSD read performance while costing only a little bit more than standard drives. Hybrid storage products monitor the data being read from the hard drive, and cache the most frequently accessed bits to the high-speed NAND flash memory. The data stored on the NAND will change over time, but once the most frequently accessed bits of data are stored on the flash memory, they will be served from the flash, resulting in SSD-like performance for your most-used files. Boot times also see some improvement.

Hybrid drives tend to cost slightly more than traditional hard drives, but far less than solid-state drives.

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