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How To Prevent Cortana From Using Your Location in Windows 10


How To Prevent Cortana From Using Your Location in Windows 10

How To Prevent Cortana From Using Your Location in Windows 10
Some apps need to know when you’re in a specific location to work correctly. To give you maps to get you where you’re going, or give you a lists of shops or restaurants near you, many apps and services request location information from your device. That’s what the Windows 10 location service does: tells your apps and services where you are or where you’ve been, so that you can get info more relevant to you.

You can set a default location for your PC that Windows, apps, and services can then use when a more exact location can’t be detected using GPS or other methods.

Cortana works best when she has access to your device location and location history, which she uses to help you—for example, by giving you traffic alerts before you need to leave or reminders based on location like “You’re near the grocery store, where you wanted to buy milk.” Cortana collects your location periodically even if you’re not interacting with her, like when you connect to Wi Fi or disconnect from Bluetooth. When Cortana is turned on, the Search app also has access to your device location information and will automatically send it to Bing when Cortana suggests web search terms and results for Bing to use as described in the privacy statement. If you don’t want Cortana to have access to your device location, follow these steps:

1. Press Windows + I keys to open Settings app.

2. Click on Cortana.

3. In the left panel, click on Permissions and History.

4. In the right panel, you will find an option under Permissions set of Settings, click on Manage the information Cortana can access from this device link.

4. Turn off the Location feature by clicking on the slider.

That’s all!

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