Deactivation of Facebook Connect for GP Forums
Due to the new standards and policies of a more secure web, and also in best interest of our users, we have deactivated the Facebook Connect module for this website. This will drop your ability of logging into our site using a Facebook account; however, it will also disable Facebook's ability to track you while you use this website and allow you to avoid usage statistics tracking from Facebook.

This move is after a recent change that disabled the Facebook app on this website temporarily, and we have chosen not to proceed forward with the social connection aspect. We are also thinking on disabling all possible forms of tracking from outside sources that we can to keep up with our privacy standards and give you a more secure website. We do hope this does not inconvenience you.

What should you do? Most cases, doing nothing will not hurt; however, you can go to your Account Settings on Facebook > Apps and Websites > Find "GeekPolice" in the list (which could be under Active or Expired) > Hit checkbox beside it > Remove button at top right of page > Then, press Remove button again on the popup box.