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Security Tip For Safe Online Shopping


Security Tip For Safe Online Shopping

Security Tip For Safe Online Shopping

Sometimes, like when you’re shopping online, you have to protect the data that you’re sending over the Internet. To safely send that data, you need to use a secure connection. In a secure connection, your data is encrypted while it travels over the Internet. Thus, credit card numbers, account numbers, and other sensitive data are encoded so that they can’t be read by anyone except the website to which you’re sending them. What you may even have guessed that the encrypted data is decrypted as it arrives so that your browser can display it. What you probably didn’t guess is some decrypted data is saved in your temporary Internet files. That means that if you download malware to the machine that you using for online banking, that malware could potentially access your bank account details by scanning the temporary files. This is also one of several reasons why you should be very wary of accessing secure financial sites from public computers at Internet cafes.

To remove the risk of having confidential data lying around in your temporary files, you’ll want to instruct Internet Explorer not to save encrypted pages. To do so, click Tools > Internet Options > Advanced. The list of options is pretty long, so you’ll need to scroll down to the Security section to check the box next to Do not save encrypted pages to disk.

To your changes you made click Apply and OK buttons.

That's it.

How to Ensure Safe Shopping

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