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How to Turn Off Startup Items From Settings in Windows 10


How to Turn Off Startup Items From Settings in Windows 10

How to Turn Off Startup Items From Settings in Windows 10

Many programs are designed to start automatically when Windows starts. Software manufacturers often set their programs to open in the background, where you can't see them running, so they'll open right away when you click their icons. That's helpful for programs you use a lot, but for programs you rarely or never use, this wastes precious memory and slows down the time it takes Windows to finish starting up.

But how can you tell what programs run automatically at startup? Sometimes this is obvious, because the program adds an icon to the notification area on the taskbar, where you can see it running. Look there to see if there are any programs running that you don’t want to start automatically. Point to each icon to see the program name. Be sure to click the Show hidden icons button so you don't miss any icons.

Even after you check the notification area, you might still miss some programs that run automatically at startup. These are the apps that operate in the background every time the computer loads. So, you should try to Turn Off Startup Items in Windows 10 through Settings app.

The traditional Task Manager always comes handy when you have to configure Startup programs. But by integrating Startup page into the Settings program, Windows 10 made it simpler to manage them. However, you can view and use this page only if you are running build 17017 or higher. The page lists down all the programs moreover, shows their impact on the system if they are functioning in the background. So, if they are adversely affecting the system (High Impact), you should turn them off.

Let us explore the steps and see what this new page has for its users.

1. Press Windows + I keys to open Settings app.

2. Click Apps category on the Settings app.

3. Choose Startup section on the left sidebar of the next page. Now, shift to the corresponding right pane and there you can notice all the apps. Locate the items that are enabled then decide which one you prefer to turn off.

4. To Turn Off Startup Items using Settings, just toggle OFF the slider of the specific app.

Turning off the unnecessary startup items helps the PC to boot faster and will boost performance of Windows 10.

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