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How to Add Timeline to Task View in Windows 10


How to Add Timeline to Task View in Windows 10

How to Add Timeline to Task View in Windows 10

You would now be able to pretty effortlessly Add Timeline to Task View in Windows 10 and rapidly come back to previous activities at whatever point required. This feature enables you to backpedal to the tasks that you did before on your PC. The timeline feature displays a list of websites, apps, programs, documents that you have accessed a while ago. Likewise, with the assistance of Cortana, it additionally shows all the tasks from all devices that use same Microsoft Account. To benefit from this feature, guarantee that your PC is running form 17063 or higher.

Here's How:

1. Press Windows + I keys to open Settings app.

2. At the Setting app, click the Privacy from various groups.

3. On the following page, click on Activity history from left pane options.

4. Go to the right pane and toggle ON the accounts under the option Filter activities from accounts.

5.  Next, turn ON the slider that appears below Collect activities. So, to Add Timeline to Task View in Windows 10, you need to enable the above-mentioned two options.

Now, from this position, click on the Task View from the taskbar in order to open recent activity. You can see the activity history you have opened is in the Task View.

Once you enable the two options, you can track your previous activity as well as guide back sharply to see the docs, apps and web pages which are closed recently.

To get a glimpse of the past activities, you can either hit Win + Tab shortcut keys or can also click Task View icon on the taskbar.

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