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How to Manage App Execution Aliases in Windows 10


How to Manage App Execution Aliases in Windows 10

How to Manage App Execution Aliases in Windows 10
Windows 10 has got a new feature. The user can enable app execution aliases for Store apps. Instead of the URI scheme which could be used to start a Store app, you can turn on an alias which appears like a regular executable file name.

Windows 10 supports a special URI scheme for Store apps. It looks like AppName:ResourceName and can be used to launch an app directly and also directly open certain pages and features of the app. The Calculator app can be opened directly with the command calculator://, Microsoft Edge can be launched with the command ms-edge://, Cortana has the command cortana://, and so on.

In addition to this URI scheme, recent builds of Windows 10 support app execution aliases. When enabled, they allow creating an easy-to-remember alias for Store apps which looks like a regular executable file name. For example, the Edge browser can have the alias microsoftedge.exe.

This feature can be useful for advanced users, who wish to execute their favorite apps using aliases from the Run dialog, Command Prompt or using a batch file. Also, it will allow smooth app integration for both Desktop and Store apps, where a classic app can launch a Store app using its alias.

Here's how to enable app execution aliases in Windows 10.

1. Press Windows + I keys to open Settings app.

2. Click on the Apps.

3. On the following window quickly move to the right pane and click on the Manage app execution aliases link in the Apps & features section.

4. On the next page, you will see the list of apps. Select an app and turn the toggle switch next to the app's name to enable the App Execution alias.

This is how you can manage app Execution Aliases in Windows 10.

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