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What is Power Conditioner


What is Power Conditioner

What is Power Conditioner

A power or line conditioner does the job of a surge protector and more. It contains a complex range of circuitry and acts as an active device, constantly monitoring the status of an AC line. It’s able to supply power to make up for the loss during a temporary brownout, clip the worst of surges, and generally keep a clean stream of AC current running to your computer. It’s an excellent device to own if your PC shares a line with something that causes occasional dips in power when it starts up, such as a washing machine, a dishwasher. Note that line conditioners can’t prevent your system from going down in the case of a blackout.

Power conditioners vary in size and features. Some supply nominal voltage regulations, while others provide protection against an array of power quality issues. A small device may fit on a printed circuit board, while a large device could safeguard a manufacturing plant. Even the least expensive power conditioners will provide cleaner power than having none at all. The higher end power conditioners do offer other features like voltage regulators, LED status indicators, LED lights for illumination, USB inserts for charging devices, more plugs, and better amperage load protection.

Since contaminated AC adds wear and tear to power supplies and other internal circuits, a power conditioner will help keep your instruments, computer, speakers, and all signal processing gear in the best possible shape.

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