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How to Configure Windows 10's Automatic Maintenance Feature


How to Configure Windows 10's Automatic Maintenance Feature

How to Configure Windows 10's Automatic Maintenance Feature

In this Windows 10 tutorial, we explain in more detail how Automatic Maintenance works.

Windows 10 automatically performs system maintenance tasks like security scanning and disk optimization on a schedule. By default, Windows runs these tasks every day at 2 AM and wakes up your PC to do it if it’s sleeping.

On Windows 10, Automatic Maintenance is a feature that helps to keep your computer healthy and optimized by combining and running all maintenance tasks without impacting performance or energy efficiency.

The Automatic Maintenance feature was added in Windows 8, so you’ll see the same options on a Windows 8 PC.

During a maintenance session, the feature will run specific tasks, such as disk optimization and defragmentation, system and apps updates, security and malware scans, diagnostics, and other tasks with the sole purpose of keeping your device healthy and running at peak performance.

In the case your computer isn't powered on, or you're actively working on it, the schedule to run maintenance tasks will be postponed until a later time when tasks won't impact performance or energy efficiency.

If your device is asleep and plugged into a power source, Windows 10 is also able to wake it up to run the maintenance and put it back to sleep when it's done.

You can manage various aspects of Automatic Maintenance. Here's how:

1. Open Control Panel.

2. Click on System and Security.

3. Click on Security and Maintenance.

4. Expand the Maintenance section to reveal the Automatic Maintenance options.

5. Click the Change maintenance settings link.

6. Use the Run maintenance tasks daily at drop-down menu to select the time you want your system to perform the automated maintenance tasks.

If you don't want your device to wake up at night automatically, make sure to clear the Allow scheduled maintenance to wake up my computer at the scheduled time option.

7. Click the OK button.

Typically, Automatic Maintenance is a useful feature, and you should keep it enable to maintain your computer running smoothly, but if you're experiencing problems, such as an unexpected impact on performance, sudden crashes, and other issues, you may want to disable this feature.

Batch script attached to this tutorial, will allow you to automatically disable and enable Automatic Maintenance.
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