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How to Modify System Sounds in Windows


How to Modify System Sounds in Windows

How to Modify System Sounds in Windows

Sounds can be assigned to many events in Windows, such as logging on, logging off, minimizing a window, and maximizing a window.

Changing the event sounds is simple. Just follow these steps to launch and configure the Sound properties:

1. Launch the system Sound properties by typing mmsys.cpl, into Start Menu search box or Run dialog box.

2. After the Sound properties load, click the Sounds tab.

3. To adjust the sound clip for a specific event, click the event that you want to modify by navigating through the Program Events list.

4. When you have an event selected, the Sounds drop-down list becomes enabled, and you can select the sound clip that you want to use. You can select (None) from the top of the list if you do not want to use a sound for a specific program event. If you cannot find a sound that you like on the list, you can use the Browse button to pick a specific sound file on your computer to use.

5. When you have finished with your changes, just click Apply and OK buttons to save your work.

You have now finished customizing the sound events on your computer.
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