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How to Hide Drives in File Explorer


How to Hide Drives in File Explorer

How to Hide Drives in File Explorer

You can hide any hard disk drive in File Explorer. The drive is still accessible to Windows, technically, and you could access it from the run dialogue or from the command line, but it won't appear to non-invasive users on your machine.

In order to hide a specific drive (or drives), follow the steps below:

1. Open Registry Editor by typing regedit into Start Menu search box.

2. Navigate to the following location:



3. Create DWORD value called "NoDrives".

4. This DWORD value will have a 32-bit number as its data that represents all the drives you wish to hide. The number you assign to the DWORD is the total of the drives you wish to hide; for example, hiding drives C and E will mean giving a value of 20 (4+16) as calculated using below Table.

Drive Letter - Number
A                   1
B                   2
C                   4
D                   8
E                   16
F                   32
G                   64
H                   128
I                    256
J                    512
K                   1024
L                   2048
M                  4096
N                   8192
O                   16384
P                    32768
Q                   65536
R                    131072
S                    262144
T                   524288
U                   1048576
V                   2097152
W                  4194304
X                   8388608
Y                   16777216
Z                   33554432
ALL                67108863

5. Reboot your computer.
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