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descriptionIE11 after failed Install(code 9C48), cannot find unnistall files

Hi How are you ? Great I hope:

I have a failed IE11 install where I have a issue printing web pages,

1)there is no uninstall file in the "Installed Updates" box in control panel
2) I cannot find the repository files to do a command line uninstall

here are my notes:

I did extensive trouble shooting & found that IE11 did not fully install so while it has what appears to be 95% functionality, the printing part is out of whack.

Also the install did not store the uninstall package in windows\servicing\packages folder, so it does not show up in programs & features/“Installed updates”.

i.e. since I couldn’t find IE11 in control panel I tried to uninstall from CMD prompt:
FORFILES /P %WINDIR%\servicing\Packages /M Microsoft-Windows-InternetExplorer-*11.*.mum /c "cmd /c echo Uninstalling package @fname && start /w pkgmgr /up:@fname /norestart /quiet"
But there is no ‘Mum” file for Internet Explorer. The last one was for 2010 IE optional updates

Finally I tried to just backup the registry then, delete IE from Registry, but I could not totally delete, the stuff I could delete just repopulates when you open IE again, so the final thing I tried to have the EU login & see if you look under computer/installed updates to see if IE11 install is there. No luck there.

1 thing you can run while the EU is logged in is from CMD  ICACLS "%userprofile%\AppData\Local\Temp\Low" /setintegritylevel (OI)(CI)low
The other is maybe have EU log out & try to backup registry, create a restore point & simply delete the IE registry remotely, then try to run the install.
I didn’t try over the weekend in case it whacks the system.

I need to find a way to to uninstall the invisible app OR repair it to where it has full functionality & can be uninstalled when next version is released. I have been have not found a solid hint. If you try to re-install it will say another install did nit complete.
I also ran CCleaner, Malwarebytes, removed 14 threats, Ran McAfee Virus scan 0 threats found.

We have even entertained the theory that the hard drive may be corrupted, but I ran SCF SCANNOW & CHKDSK /F /R did not see any corruption & CHKDSK did not fix any issue.

Please help ! Thanks & have a great weekend/week !

Tony Sutton

descriptionRe: IE11 after failed Install(code 9C48), cannot find unnistall files

Hi @tsutton2008

How to Reset Internet Explorer to its Default Settings

If Internet Explorer (IE) is failing to open, or is misbehaving or crashing, it’s not possible to uninstall it or install a newer version, but you can completely reset it.

1. Open Control Panel --> Internet Options

2. Click the Advanced tab, and then click Reset.

3. In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box, place a check mark for Delete personal settings and click Reset button.

4. When Internet Explorer finishes applying default settings, select Close, and then select OK. Restart your PC to apply changes.

If the issue not resolved please follow below suggestion.

Please open the Command Prompt as a administrator and type following command:


dism /online  /Disable-Feature /FeatureName:Internet-Explorer-Optional-x86

Restart you computer and execute below command:


dism /online  /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:Internet-Explorer-Optional-x86

Restart your computer to see issue resolves.

If the issue not resolved you can reinstall IE 11 from below link:

descriptionRe: IE11 after failed Install(code 9C48), cannot find unnistall files

Hello ! how are you ? Great I hope ! Thank you for your valuable instructions !

I tried all of the above but still cannot uninstall or fix the problem.
I am going to try another round of windows updates or the next step is to reinstallWindows or save vital data from the hard drive, trash the hard drive altogether, already have request to order new hard drive.

I learned some new stuff, it is frustrating to not be able to find the repository data to erase the instance of IE or a swiatch that tells windows it is ok to install IE11 to simply uninstall or a simple registry fix

Have a great weekend !

Tony Sutton

descriptionRe: IE11 after failed Install(code 9C48), cannot find unnistall files

Hi @tsutton2008

Thank you for asking i'm doing very well hope you as well!

If you want you can repair install Windows 7 to fix your currently installed Windows 7 and preserve your user accounts, data, programs, and system drivers.

How to Do a Repair Install to Fix Windows 7
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