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How to Personalize Windows 10 Desktop Background


How to Personalize Windows 10 Desktop Background

How to Personalize Windows 10 Desktop Background

You can set any wallpaper for the Desktop with any picture or color you like. Click Start Menu and click Settings, in the Personalization window, click Background.

How to Personalize Windows 10 Desktop Background 2V9dprs

Click the drop-down button and choose Solid Color to choose a solid-color background for the desktop, or choose Picture to view pictures from your own Pictures folder and from the shared Public Pictures folder. Of course, if these folders are empty or don’t contain any compatible picture types, you don’t see any pictures after making your selection. After you choose a category, point to or click any picture to see it applied as your desktop background.

The Slide Show option lets you choose a folder containing photos, and Windows periodically chooses a different photo from the specified folder. You can specify the time interval at which the photo changes.

If you have pictures in some folder other than the Pictures folder for your user account or the Public Pictures folder, click Browse. Navigate to the folder that contains those pictures. Then click (or double-click) the picture you want to use as your desktop background. All pictures from that folder appear in the Desktop Background window. Click the picture you want to use.

If the desktop is covered, click or tap the Show Desktop button at the lower-right corner of the screen to make all windows invisible and show the desktop. Try different pictures until you find one you like.

You may have noticed that you can choose more than one picture for your desktop. The Change Picture Every option lets you choose how often Windows displays a new desktop picture. Enable the Shuffle option if you want the photos to be shown randomly from the selected group.

Try the options under Picture Position to view the image in different ways. The options have little or no effect on large pictures. But if you choose a small picture of your own, the Tile option shows it repeatedly, like tiles. The Center option shows it centered on the screen. If you choose the Center option, you can click Change Background Color to color the desktop surrounding the picture.

If you don’t want a picture on your desktop, choose Solid Colors from the drop-down list. Then click a color you like. When you’ve found and chosen a picture or color you like, click Save Changes.
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