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How To Create Custom Power Plans For Every Occasion


How To Create Custom Power Plans For Every Occasion

How To Create Custom Power Plans For Every Occasion
Power plans are a very quick way to switch between different power settings on your desktop or laptop. With a laptop they provide extra benefit by being able to select default brightness settings etc to improve battery life.

To create a new plan, simply hit the hyperlink at the side of the Control Panel --> Power Options dialog. You’ll be presented with three options these set the basic parameters of a power plan so that they’re easier for you to tweak.

As soon as you’ve selected a type of plan, you’ll be asked how long it should be before the display turns off – either on battery, or plugged in. You’ll the be taken to Power Options, where you can Change Plan Settings.

On a laptop you’ll be able to select things like default brightness on this screen – otherwise, you’ll just have the options for turning off the display here and putting computer to sleep, plus a link to more advanced settings.

By clicking the ‘Advanced power settings’ link, a dialog will come up. This will allow you to select what the computer does during certain operations, or whether certain devices are allowed to wake it up, etc.

Switching between power plans is pretty quick. In the system tray, you’ll see a battery icon. Click it. This will bring up a selection box that you can use to quickly switch to another power mapping. The change is instantaneous.

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