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Advanced startup


Advanced startup

Advanced startup

If you can boot into Windows 10, but you’re having issues with the boot process, consider using Windows 10’s Advanced Startup tool. This tool assumes you can boot into Windows and navigate to the PC Settings area.

To use this tool, perform the following steps:

1. Click or tap the Start menu and choose Settings.
2. Click Update and Security.
3. Click Recovery, and then click Restart Now in the Advanced Startup group

Advanced startup R7fRJvp

4. After Windows 10 restarts, it displays a screen similar to the one shown at below picture.

Advanced startup 7tTcnEh

5. Click Troubleshoot.
6. Click one of these options  and respond to the onscreen prompts:

¦ Reset Your PC: Use this option to completely remove all files (including files you’ve created) and to reinstall Windows 10. This destroys all files you have created or saved to the computer.
¦ Go Back To An Earlier Build: Use this option to revert to a previous build of Windows 10 (think of a build as a set of updates to the Windows 10 code). Microsoft releases new builds periodically, and using this option restores
Windows to the previous build.
¦ Advanced Options: Use this option to find additional tools for fixing startup problems.

Advanced startup DSQ0pmX

warning: Do not use the Reset Your PC option until you’ve made a backup of your critical files. Use the Reset Your PC option only as a last resort when all other troubleshooting tasks failed.
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