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Possible Malware


descriptionSolvedRe: Possible Malware

I scanned with Malwarebytes six days ago, nothing was found.  I just scanned again with the same end result.

descriptionSolvedRe: Possible Malware

Thanks for your patience...

I would recommend, for the remainder of the tech support issues to post in one of our other tech support forums so that our other helpers may assist you with further tech help. We are not dealing with security problems here. I apologize if I am delayed - I'm just short on time.

However, some of our techs on here are splendidly experienced, and I trust them, so please post a new topic in one of these forums as necessary:

I will consider this issue Solved now, since the security issues are resolved. Tech issues are a side effect that can be resolved within our community, we hope. Since this topic is long enough, it would make things easier to close this one, and have you open a new one in that section. If at any time, a new security threat is spotted, the techies will know where to send you next.

You have been patient as to be attentive to the issues with your PC. I do wish you all the best with XP.
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