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Xbox and Windows 10


Xbox and Windows 10

Xbox and Windows 10
Xbox has been the leading game console for several years, and although users have been able to control and integrate with their Xbox from a Windows 8.x PC, they could play Xbox games only on their Xbox consoles. Windows 10 changes that paradigm.

Windows 10 enables users to play Xbox games on their Windows 10 PCs and tablets. The games do not run natively on the PC, but instead stream from the Xbox to the other device using the Xbox app on the Windows 10 device. For example, if you’re playing a game on your Xbox but need to move to another room, you pick up your tablet, connect to the Xbox, move to the other room, and continue playing.

The only way Windows 10 streams is via Wi-Fi on a local network, and you can stream to only one device at a time. In addition, the game must be designed specifically to support streaming.

The Windows 10 Xbox app enables you to stream compatible Xbox games to your Windows 10 device as well as to interact with your Xbox console and Xbox Live.

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