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Don’t Install Too Much Software


Don’t Install Too Much Software

Don’t Install Too Much Software
There is no doubt, that the more software you install in Windows OS, the more unstable it becomes. Windows often fails or crashes because of incompatibilities with a software component or a hardware driver. This happens because there are so many hundreds of thousands of software packages, and hundreds of thousands of hardware devices, that no manufacturer or Microsoft could ever test every possible combination for stability.

Microsoft offers certification programs for software and hardware in Windows, but this still won’t test against how a specific piece of hardware or software will interact with other hardware and software, especially packages that haven’t been through the optional certification.  

Windows is built on an open platform and anyone, including enthusiastic amateurs, can write applications for it. This is why Windows is now the most flexible and extensible computing platform in the world.

So, a limitless number of combinations of hardware and software can be installed on a PC. This makes the whole system unpredictable, and, although Microsoft has made great strides to make Windows OS as stable as it can possibly be, problems can still occur.

  • Don’t buy any hardware that has not passed Windows certification and does not carry the Certified for Windows logo.

  • Avoid shareware and freeware that’s written by small software houses and individuals if you can.

  • Avoid installing trialware that will sit unused on your PC and expire after a while.

  • Install only software that you’ll actually use!

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