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descriptionForecasted IT Security Trends for 2017

Forecasted IT Security Trends
for 2017

For 2017, we will begin to see more developments in IT security as it shifts from a defensive standpoint to more of a proactive one, to which is important to realize some trends that will likely occur. Please see below the top 6 trends we will be seeing unfold in the 2017 IT Security scene.

  1. Machine Learning and Increased Artificial Intelligence
    What have we yet to see? Machine learning deployed well into endpoint security tools, but also able to do a realtime analysis to prevent ransomware attacks. Increased AI is needed to deter ransomware attacks with not just algorithms, but actual robotics deployed to guard the system and its files at all costs.
  2. Better Network Analysis Tools
    What is wrong with our existing network analysis tools? It's still using the legacy WinPcap most of the time, or using old defensive measures while the firewall is being supplemented. Although this has helped with past threats, it's shown useless against new ransom-based malware.
  3. Better Threat Intelligence
    Not only would number 1 above be well effective, but also we will find that the available data and communications will be significantly improved to a point that is more understood by the common analyst.
  4. Introduction of OS Hardening Tools
    How do we avoid data breach? Use of OS hardening tools and a bit of increased awareness of file system dynamics.
  5. Better Mobile Threat Management
    If there is anything needing improved, it would be this: Improved Mobile threat management security tools that will be able to demonstrably remove and block security threats. The increase of smartphones in the workplace has been extremely significant in the past year; therefore, enterprise level threat management is needed in the mobile security biz.
  6. Much Needed Identity Management Tools
    We will see the much needed identity management tools increase to a way that will be indeed better for all users, especially with the blocking of phishing attack campaigns.

We do hope this has been informative for the different topics that will be discussed in 2017 IT security. Please comment below!

descriptionRe: Forecasted IT Security Trends for 2017

It looks like ransomware attacks are the one of the main big malware infection IT security needs to worry about.

descriptionRe: Forecasted IT Security Trends for 2017

Good analysis! Thanks bud!
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